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$2.39 $13.21 Ends 2017-07-31


$8.22 $16.21 Ends 2017-07-31


$8.22 $16.21 Ends 2017-07-31


$8.22 $16.21 Ends 2017-07-31


  • This promotion applies to New Registrations valid for one year only. Domains registered for two years will be charged at 1 Year Promo Price + 1 Year Regular Slab Pricing
  • This promotion is not applicable on Transfer-Ins or Renewals

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DNS Management

WebHostMega allows you to manage your DNS Host Records on Web Host Megas DNS servers, rather than your web hosting DNS servers. If you use your own, you will need to manually set the DNS Records.

Domain Forwarding

Using cPanel you can forward any domain to another domain. For example, if you own the .org version of your .com name, you can redirect the .org domain to the .com website (or vice versa). If you want to change the domain of your site, you can redirect the old domain to the new domain so you don’t lose any traffic.

Free Mail Forwards

cPanel allows you to create multiple email forwarders, but you have to do them individually. Just log into cPanel. Navigate to the Mail > Forwarders section. On the forwarders page, click Add Forwarder and then follow the next instructions.

Domain Theft Protection

You may need to enable theft protection for domain names in order to ensure that your domain names remain safe from illegal domain name transfers. To prevent unauthorized transfer of your domain name or enable theft protection, you will need to do some steps by logging into your account.

Bulk Domain Search

Our bulk domain search makes it easy to search for multiple domains at once. It's free! Just enter your list of domains separated by a comma or whitespace and hit search. In seconds, you'll be able to see the current status of the domain names you entered. You can even narrow your search by domain extension. Speed up your search time and secure your domains faster!

Easy to use Control Panel

cPanel makes site maintenance easy with Control Panel access. Together, cPanel and WebHostMega hosting is the best option for easy-to-manage web hosting. Our cPanel hosting platform, with its intuitive, point-and-click interface, lets you manage all aspects of your website.


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